Re: A B2B shop where my customer's customers can make profile and order.

A B2B shop where my customer's customers can make profile and order.

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I am looking for a solution where i like to make a profile for my customers where i make a product plan for them. These customers can sell these product to their customers. 


It can be understand like this that i have customers A, B and C. I make a individual product plan for them. 

My customer A can have customer like X, Y and Z with own profiles and and order.

At the end i get the order and i know the order is from my customer A's customer order and also know who is from customer A ordered. 

I like to know if it is possible in spotify and what is the best way to implement it. 


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @muak 


There are many possible solutions for waht you describe, however, it all hangs on the details such as


What do you define a products profile as?

Will customers all be registered users that are logged in?


Many Thanks



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 hello @muak


hope you are doing good.


It seems like you need the multivendor store. A multivendor store is just like a marketplace where you can list unlimited sellers & products. You can keep track of the sales and much more. Some of the features are-


  • Admin can assign dedicated products to the seller.
  • Admin can allow/disallow sellers to have tax on their products.
  • Customers can rate the Seller from the Seller Profile Page.
  • Muti-lingual support.
  • Sellers and admin both can have their profile-page.
  • Product /Seller can be added to your multi-vendor store through the CSV file. Products can be edited in bulk through CSV.
  • Admin can decide the product to be sold by a particular seller.
  • They can integrate their store with your multivendor store for an easy listing of their products.

There are a lot more features of the multivendor store. If interested, you can talk to our team of experts for the same, click here to get free advice from our experts who are available for you 24*7.

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I have a very similar requirement & am curios to understand what you finally selected / what you tried & how that worked for you.

Would be great if you could share