A flow with Multiple different Vendors will commas work?

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Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone has any input or workarounds with using Shopify Flow to create a flow centred around multiple vendors or multiple different products.

I would like to send an action to my rewards app whenever a customer purchases any item from a list of vendors. I'm wondering if listing the vendors and separating them with a comma would result in the workflow being successful when any of these vendor names are found in the line item (example in the screenshot)? Has anyone tried something like this? I would like all of the products included to be covered by this one flow, because I only want 1 reward to result in my rewards app.

If anyone has any solution for how to group multiple different vendors or multiple different products into 1 workflow, please let me know! The products are all too unique in name to be able to use the name as a way to group them, and Product Tag does not seem to be an option with order line item. I'm finding creating flows for more than 1 item tricky with Shopify flow, since it only uses "AND" for additional conditions rather than "IF".

Thanks 🙂


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I also want to know how to solve this problem.