Accessing info re: bounced transactional emails?

Accessing info re: bounced transactional emails?

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I want to be able to unsubscribe, tag, etc customers with bad email addresses or who report order emails as spam.


Is there some way to build a trigger, or even access a list anywhere of bounces / spam-reports for transactional customer notification emails?


These would be the order-related emails like order confirmation, shipping updates, etc (the stuff from "notification" templates).


I'm able to find this info for Shopify Email newsletter campaigns in a report but not sure if it can be accessed in Flow. I'm not aware of ANY way to view this data for order-related emails, I don't think it's even indicated in the order's timeline if an email bounces or otherwise has deliverability issues.

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I don't believe that any of that data is currently accessible via the public APIs that Flow uses.

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