Re: Automated Order Summary Flow (Filtered by Order Tag)

Automated Order Summary Flow (Filtered by Order Tag)

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Ok guys, let's see how we can make this flow. 


I want to send an internal email that contains order information (primarily the customer info and order number) for orders tagged with a specific order tag.  I also need to program the flow to run every 60 days. 


The use case for this flow is for our sales staff, who personally are following up with customers after shipping them a sample product from our store. each sample product order will already have the order tag added at the time of creating the order. 


I know there is a way to manually filter this out in the order view page, and then export the orders to a CVS file, which could be emailed to the Sales staff, however, I'm looking to automate this somehow.  Is this a job for flows or Shopify reports? Any help would be very appreciated. 

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Here is the Shopify Flow documentation that should help you building automations. If you browse the templates in your Flow app, you could also find a lot of help. 


With your specific problem, I could have several suggestions. However, I am not sure that I understand exactly your use case. 


You said you would like to have the workflow run every 60 days. I am not sure if that is exactly what you want. It sounds like you need this flow to run 60 days after each sample order. Am I correct? 


Assuming that was what you want,

1. You could use the "Order Created" trigger for this flow. 

2. You could use a condition to check if the order has a tag `a specific order`. 

3. If the condition is met, you could use a "Wait Step" of 60 days to put your workflow to sleep.

4. After 60 days, you could use "Send internal email" action to send email to your setting. 


Here is an example flow:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 6.14.10 PM.png


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It's not quite clear the problem you are trying to solve. I'm guessing that customers would place these orders over time. So what you are looking to do is send a daily or weekly email that contains all customers who got the sample product but whom you haven't followed up with yet.


You could build something like:

  • Scheduled time trigger (every Monday)
  • Get order data (looking for orders more than 60 days old, that have the order tag, but which doesn't have "completed-followup" tag)
  • Send internal email (include results from search)

Then have the sales rep add the "completed-followup" tag after followup. 


If you didn't need to track the actual follow-up, you could clear the original tag after sending the email.


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