Automatic alert for late fulfillment

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We would like to set up an automated alert of orders that do not have the order status of 'fulfilled' on the set delivery date. The aim is to spot any late fulfillment issues early on.
We use the "Store Pickup + Delivery" app by Zapiet (@samZapietand delivery dates (as selected by the customer during checkout) are added as a custom variable to our orders: {{ attributes.Delivery-Date }}

Ideally we would set up a flow that runs on a daily basis, and selects all orders where the delivery date is equal to or later than the Delivery-Date and where the status does not equal 'fulfilled'.


Grateful for any input that can help us set this up!

I haven't seen any way in Shopify Flow to compare dates to the 'current date' nor ways to access our custom variable {{ attributes.Delivery-Date }}


Grateful for any hints of how this could be done!

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Attributes cannot be access directly by their names in Flow. "Delivery-Date" would be accessed like:

{% for ca in order.customAttributes %}

{% if ca.key == "Delivery-Date" %}{{ ca.value }}{% endif %}

{% endfor %}


{% assign dd = order.customAttributes | where: "key", "Delivery-Date" | first %}

{{ dd.value }}


That said, if you are looking to run a workflow on a daily basis, you will need to use some features that are currently in limited release to Plus merchants. That includes an option to schedule and get unfulfilled orders. If you are on Plus, you can reach out to support to get access to this feature or DM me.

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@monnedepraetere if you aren't able to achieve this with your Flow, Order Automator does this.


There's a feature called Monitor that runs every day and can check for orders > X days old and take action (like notify your staff). It can also be customized, for example if you want to compare vs an order attribute (like delivery date). If you need customizations you can reach out to support in the app to tailor to your needs.

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Thanks @paul_n and @JoesIdeas  for below replies! In the end I decided to automate this with Zapier. Quite impressed by the functionality they offer.