Automatic gift code when Gift product bought

Automatic gift code when Gift product bought

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 Hello everyone, 


I would like to offer a Gift subscription and as soon as a customer buys this product it automatically sends a discount code redeemable only for this certain subscription gifted. 


Here is more information on the workflow I need: 

- Customer A buys a gift subscription/productX- 199€. or productY - 279€

- Customer A gets an automatic email with a discount code with value depending on selected product. 

- The order should not be fulfilled automatically in Shopify as It would with a normal gift card (we want to send a gift box additionally). 

- Customer B gets the code and can redeem it only for one product on our webshop whenever he wants.  

- The product is a subscription and will be sent every 3 month the customer B. 


Thank you for your support. 





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