Automating Tags to POS "Add Custom Sale" Orders

Automating Tags to POS "Add Custom Sale" Orders

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Our store primarily does in person sales through Shopify POS. Our sales associates complete half of our sales using the "Add Custom Sale" tile on POS as our products have 1000's of variants that cannot be all uploaded to Shopify. We have had issues with Custom Sales slipping through the cracks with our ordering department.

I want to use Shopify Flow to automatically tag "Add Custom Sale" orders from our POS so they can be sent to a specific view on our Shopify Orders page an not be missed. I am unable to find a way to do this. Any help is appreciated!

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If you set up a flow for order created and then log it and then run that flow against one of the POS orders, I'd imagine you'll be able to see something in the payload that you can key off of.