B2B Account Invite Flow invite after order automation.

B2B Account Invite Flow invite after order automation.

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I'd like to set something up like this. Order is created, check if there is a company name listed, if so... check to see if contact is assigned to a company. If not... email invite to create a company account. I'm new to the flow set up at this depth level. Any help appreciated. 

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Hi, I think you mean that you want to check this field: 



You could do something like:


  • Order created
  • Check if company name exists
    • True: "Get company data" searching by name:{{order.shippingAddress.company}}
    • Count: Get company data
    • If count == 0:
      • Send the invite

To send the invite, I think you'll need to use a 3p transaction email action. If you search by transactional in Flow for actions, you'll find some.



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