Best way to auto-import form leads and preferences into Shopify?

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Hi, I want create this page in Shopify:  As you can see, page is created in Shogun, but I´m wondering if it´s better to code it in Shopify, so I can automatically import the leads that come in, including their marketing preferences, and send them automatic emails from within Shopify?
I'm wondering what's the best way to move forward in terms of sending automated emails to the leads that come in from that form:
I want the leads that come in from this page's form (including the lead´s marketing preferences like if they just want news about Love Love tennis or just news about luxury products etc) to automatically import to native Shopify email, so we can send automated emails to them from inside of Shopify.
Or is it only possible to automatically import to Shopify their name, email, phone nr etc, but not their marketing preferences?
Or is it better to somehow use Klaviyo somewhere here...?
Please advise What’s best to do here. Thank you in advance!
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Hi @christinanordic 

Please share screenshot of the page or a direct link so I can view it's functionality.


I would suggest that you use a email marketing platform like Klaviyo and segment your subscribers.


Any design can be created outside of the Shogun pagebuilder.

M.S. Imran