Can I create a 'Back in Stock' marketing flow using Shopify Forms + Flow?

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Hi. Has anyone written a Back in Stock style marketing Flow?


I'd like to add a form to any pages where the item is out of stock that collects an email address and then when the product is restocked sends a marketing email to those customers.


I know there are apps but I'd like to do it with Shopify Forms + Flow if possible because I've found it tends to run much faster than installing apps.

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Helo @FurtherRecords 
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I think it's not possible because You need to store customer data in db. Once you have customer data then once the product is back in stock, you can send an email.

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Hi there! 
Alejo, from Shopify Support here. 


It is possible, but have a couple of limitations:


  • The Forms app can be configured to show the form only in product pages, but currenty, there is no a filter to only show in OOS products. 
  • the flow app can tag the customers, but is not able to send marketing emails directly, for that, you will require to use the marketing automation section
  • also, you can create a segment for this, using the auto-tagger feature in Forms app. 

With that been said, these limitations are only a small part of the general situation, and this can be resolved by using these 2 apps and some work creating the settings

Alejo 😄
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