Can I schedule a price change using Shopify Flow?

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Hello Shopify Community 🙃


Our company is increasing prices on select products. I want to use Shopify Flow to create this automation, if possible. I found this forum submission from 1.5 years ago that warrants my new submission:


I want to re-verify if there are recent updates to Shopify Flow that now make this possible. Ideally, my workflow would look like this:

Scheduled to run Mar 1, 2024

Check if 'Product Tag' =
Use the 'Update Product' action to execute the new price.

Can anyone confirm the above condition and action are compatible with Shopify Flow? Any insight or workaround recommendations are greatly appreciated! 🙂

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Looks like there isn't any Update Variant or Update Price action, but you could probably do it with some custom graphql.


I believe you can only loop over 100 products at a time with the Get Product Data action. Although you could probably do more than that with some custom graphql pagination.


How many product prices are you updating?