Can I tag customers based on their signup page for email offers?

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Hi, i would like to create a landing page for a unique offer i am going to run ads for and would like to segment the sign ups. All the customer has to do is put in their email and they will be emailed that offer instead of the regualr welcome email. I figure I can do this by being able to tag that customer based on what sign up page they use and create email automations triggered by the customer having the respective tag, that way I can have multiple offers going on in exchange for emails. Is this possible? maybe with shopify flow?

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That looks pretty rad!


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Yeah it's pretty cool! From some testing I've done it doesn't seem to always consistently be populated though... 😅


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Are you looking for instructions on how to tag the customer or how to create an automation after the tags have been added? If it's the latter, then there is a trigger called `Customer tags added` you can leverage in this case. 

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@jc-umbra I don't know if this is the most elegant solution, it seems there's a better method. However, you can use an app like Customer Fields to add a unique customer tag to each form from different landing pages.

Then use Flow's trigger for Customer tags added. Not sure what ESP you're using but I'm sure all of them have an action similar to Klaviyo's seen below: Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 10.24.01 AM.png

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