Can't Restrict Time of Day Abandon Cart Emails Send

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I have a few abandoned checkout and cart flows. I have tested them and they work. However, they send at inappropriate times. For example, I abandoned a cart at 1 am. My first email is set up to go out 2 hours after abandonment. So, at 3 o'clock in the morning, I got an email for an abandoned cart. I want to restrict these communications to only go out during certain times in the customer's time zone. If they abandon a cart at 1 am, I want the flow to wait to email them until a less disruptive time like 8 am. Simply changing the amount of time between the abandon and the email won't work. If someone abandons a cart at 1 am and I set the email up to wait 24 hours, it's just going to send the customer an email 24 hours later at 1 am.


How can I add a step for the flow to check the time in the customer's timezone and delay a send until 8am - 7pm (or whatever time span I'd like)? I cannot find anything on the internet or in the logic in the flow that will accomplish this. I am using Shopify email. If I need to use another email service, I will.

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You can do this with dedicated email marketing apps and abandoned cart apps. I've used a couple and remember having this feature.


Something to think about though, in case you haven't yet. Statistically the abandoned cart emails work best in sequences, first one going out soon after they left, in case they have any questions or got distracted, then the 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) followup with more details and optionally a discount to try to win them... so with that logic, if someone is shopping at 1am, you would want that first email to fire off at 1:30am - 2am. That person might not go to sleep until 6am 😄

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