Change Product Template Based On Stock Quantity

Change Product Template Based On Stock Quantity

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I'm trying to create a flow which will change the product template used by a product depending on the quantity in stock of the variants. I have the trigger working correctly using the "Product Variant Quantity Changed" with "Product has out of stock variants equal to 0 - True/False" but cannot find the field in the actions which needs updating to make the change.

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Hello! We currently don't have any Actions to update the product template directly. But you can use the SendHTTPRequest action to send a GraphQL mutation to update the product template used. In the example section of the SendHTTPRequest action docs there is a sample of how to use it to send a GraphQL request to Shopify Admin to update a product, you could follow that and instead of updating the product description like in the example you can update the `templateSuffix` property:


mutation {
    productUpdate(input: {id: \"{{ }}\", templateSuffix: "new-product"}) {
        product {



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