Create a Flow to Trigger an Email Send on Shopify Forms Successful Submit

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Hi - I have a landing page that includes a Shopify Forms form (


I've installed Flow and now want to set up a flow that sends an email to the email address inputted into the Shopify Forms form when the form submit is successful.


I'm looking at triggers and Shopify Forms doesn't show up as something I can choose as a trigger. It's not listed under "Shopify" or under available apps. 


Admitting I made an assumption that Shopify Flow and Shopify Forms would just simply work together out of the box. Shouldn't have done that..... 


But is there a way to create this straightforward flow?


Thanks for any help. 

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Form submit is not available as a trigger in Flow at the moment but we will take this feedback to the team for review.

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For anyone who is trying to set up an automatic email send once someone submits your  Shopify Form, I've learned that you can do this.


At the bottom of the set-up page for your Shopify Form there is a section labeled "Automations and workflows". Click on "Manage" and you land on a page where you can set up the email send. Pretty straightforward to do.




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This works for general form submissions, but you can't tie it easily to a specific form.

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This is not the solution. You can't trigger a notification to send to a specific email off a specific form.

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Hi there, in case anyone else is looking for the solution. You should send an email based on a tag that get's added (when the form is submitted). 

Once you have triggered the email based on this tag. 


If you would like the form to be looped/ repeated if a user submits the form again. You should:

Create another action which removes the tag. 

Meaning if they submit the form again they get the email again.

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Any news? It's so standard that an email is send to someone who filled a forms. Pretty weird this trigger wasn't published from the beginning.

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Work is being done, yes. Not sure of timeline yet. It may seem trivial, but forms require a new type of event because each form can potentially be custom per shop. And you might only want to subscribe to events from a single form. 

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