Creating a flow to email me when a return has been open for two weeks

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Hello! So we have a bit of a primitive return system, but I want to automate it to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We can't automate returns themselves because we create Return Authorizations with our own software that manages our inventory. We receive return requests via email and then I create the RA and label and send it to customers, and upload the return label to Shopify when creating the return. 


My question is, could I have a flow that emails me when an order has a return that's "open" for two weeks, to double check that the package has been processed and the return can be "finished" and a refund issued? I do this now manually with a whole Google Spreadsheet system, but want to make sure every single order is looked at, and an email reminder would be super helpful! 


Unfortunately I couldn't see any prompts for Returns in the Flow setup, so is this just not currently possible? Or is there a way I could do this with another app?


I appreciate any help immensely! 🙂

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You may be able to use "Get order data" to get a list of orders with a "return_status:in_progress". If you filter orders in the Admin by return status, you'll see the values you can use in the URL.


The overall workflow would be something like:

  • Every day
  • get order data (open returns)
  • Send internal email (with orders)

I'm not sure if this will 100% work since you are doing something fairly custom, but worth a try.

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