Custom Alerts for Merchant When no Orders

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Hello all!


So we recently updated some settings in our shopify headless store that meant customers were unable to purchase anything for a period of 2 hours until we noticed and fixed the issue.

This prompted us to have a post mortem and realized that it would be good to have an alert in our shopify store for our team set up as follows: if there are no orders created over a period of an hour send an email alert to our team.

We have used shopify flow for a few different scenarios and I am trying to figure out if I can use it for these alerts, but I am having trouble finding a trigger that basically watches the overall store and will do an action if there are no orders after an hour.

And if I can't use shopify flow, does anyone have any other ideas for how I might get this set up? Been googling and looking at different shopify apps, and I keep coming up with nothing.


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If you're using Cloudflare for DNS management for your headless stores, this can be done using workers for FE checkout URIs to send Slack or Email notifications. If the checkout is all custom-built on MultiPass, pretty sure you can setup workers to test against those URIs too. Or even fetch a JSON response using Storefront API.

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