Do you know how to Remove item from order if inventory is minus using FLOW?

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Is there a way to make a flow around this idea?

Some products show -1 or less in inventory, and for some strange reason, Shopify still allows orders to be placed for those products (even when the "continue selling" option is turned OFF). I would like to create a workflow to automatically remove the item from the cart if it shows a negative inventory quantity and generate a report about it.

Thank you.

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Flow does not operate in the cart. For that you need a Shopify Function built by a partner that can do that. Flow can work AFTER the order is complete. 

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Are the products in question in stock in other locations? If so, the product will be allowed to oversell as long as there is enough stock somewhere, which can result in negative values for specific locations. The rationale here is that the item is not out of stock globally, since there is stock somewhere that can fulfill the order.

 recently introduced a new feature called fulfillable inventory that prevents overselling across shipping zones, which may be what you are looking for. This will prevent negative values if the item is coming from a different zone, but will still allow it for items within the same zone.

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We only have one warehouse with shopify. Our managers order online thru our store and then we send the merchandize to them. But sometimes, I think, they order the same items at the same time. The first fulfilled order in the system by our team will be the winner right?. I will take a look at Fulfillable inventory, thank you.