Filtering all variants by non-blank metafield?

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I use a variant-level metafield called inventory.notice where I add temporary messages that show on the product page when an item is backordered or has some other temporary condition related to availability. Being temporary sometimes I forget to remove them when the situation resolves.


I'm trying to setup a Flow to send me a weekly listing of the variants that have the variant.metafields.inventory.notice as a non-blank value, so I can review them and remember to remove any that are no longer relevant. However I'm noticing that the "get product data" action limits to 100 products so it won't pull all of my products and variants to check for this field being blank or populated.


can anyone suggest a way to make this type of scheduled Flow work with my entire product catalog?

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How many products are in your store?

Paul_N | Flow Product Manager @ Shopify
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Currently 330 products but will continue to grow. A lot of variants within those.
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Is it possible to output an array from a run code step (i.e. [1, 2, 3, 4]) and then iterate over that array and within each iteration grab one page of 100 products at a time?