Flow - Automatically email customers for orders via specific sales channel?

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We have Shopify Plus and Klaviyo.

I know that Shopify Flow does not have an action that sends a customer an email.

I know that Klaviyo Flow does not have a trigger for a sales channel.


Has anyone figured out a way to combine Shopify and Klaviyo flows to trigger an email to the customer if their purchase comes through a specific sales channel?


Possibly some sort of combo, i.e. Shopify flow tags order from channel, Klaviyo sends email to orders with tag?


More Detail: Facebook/IG shop checkout connected to shopify does not send an order confirmation email from either Shopify or Facebook/IG. Currently, I manually send an email via Shopify to all orders from the Facebook/IG channel.

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @DavidWard1!

The sales channel string can be found on the order resource: Order > channellnformation > channelDefinition > channelName. You could use this in a condition with an `Equal to` operator checking for the specific channel. Then I believe you can use the Klaviyo Track event action to send off the email in the true branch of the workflow. 

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