Flow: Check if timeline comment = X, tag order with X.

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I'm very "wet behind the ears" with working with some of the advanced features within Shopify, so hopefully someone can assist. 


We often use timeline comments to add specific data pertaining to a customer order. In most use cases, customer orders a piece of "software". This requires them to provide us with a unique ID of the piece of hardware they are installing the software to. They generally send in an email to our sales/support team, and the sales/support team will input that unique hardware ID into the timeline comment. 


I'd like to be able to have Flow run when a timeline comment is added with specific information, and then tag the order with said information. 


Is this even remotely possible?

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Hi @Cliffp , no need for emails and doing this 'manually', you should include 'cart notes', that way, customers will write unique id as cart notes, that will be included in that order notes, so you can manage that based on it. You'll see those notes in admin, when you check the order, and an email that you receive when someone creates an order. 🙂

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