Flow sporadically working for Order triggers?

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Hey all,


I have Flow set up to capture how many orders a customer has made & add notes to the packing slip.


e.g. 'new / 1st order' allow our Warehouse staff to input a specific flyer in the box


Issue I am having is ... Flow was picking up all 1st orders and adding the notes to the "Order Notes" on the packing slip.  


Though about 1-2mths ago something has changed and now its only working 'sporadically'.  And I cannot figure out why?

Any advice would be great ... mp4 of current Flow attached.


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We would need to see what is in the condition panels. Please use images and not a video. 


You likely have a race condition because you are running all of those conditions in parallel and if two of them are true, then both will try to update the note. 

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Thanks Paul ... I've tried to upload a photo though it only lets me use CSV or MP4 files.   Sorry for the stupid qu though how do I do this?