Get Product Variant Data: 'tag_not' is not supported/working?

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I'm trying to use tag_not:blah within a query for the 'Get Product Variant Data' action, because I want to loop over all the variants of products that do NOT have a certain tag.


However this does not appear to be working as the same products are retrieved each time (depending on sort-by attribute), and the products actually DO have that tag on them (verified by 'Log Output' action).


There is an example query in the 'Get Product Variant Data' action that uses tag:blah to get products WITH a certain tag, but is the opposite not possible?


According to the documentation, 'tag_not' should be possible, but maybe it's not working?

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Queries are very picky about syntax and often the result is that they are ignored and it returns all results. Do you have any other clauses in that query?



I tested an am seeing the same problem, so there may be a defect about how tag_not is working in the query. I thought that maybe it was returning products that had any tag that was not "test" but it even returned a product that had a single tag of "test".

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Yeah, the query was just the 'tag_not:' part and nothing else. It doesn't work..