How can customers edit quantities on the final checkout page?

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I'd like to allow customers to edit their order list on the 'final' checkout page, (after then have entered shipping information etc), without having to click back to the cart page, is there a way of doing this or an app that would allow this function? 

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In short, the answer is yes.

The long form involves modifying the "checkout.liquid" file to add either JavaScript-based, or link-based functionality for changing the quantity of the line item.

Another approach that I used in the past was to create the checkout with the Storefront API as you can use that to modify the quantity of checkout line items without needing to reload the checkout. (It has been a while so I am unsure if that approach would still work.)

I am unsure if reloading or loading a new checkout with updated cart contents would negatively affect any analytics. I am assuming it may but I'm not sure if the analytics could be set up to recognize that it's the same order session even if the order details change so that there are not extra bounces and/or missed conversions introduced.

The bottom line is that it is doable, the approach you may take will depend on if you mind reloading the checkout or not.

Hope that helps!

- Rob Dukarski
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