How can I automate adding a tag at checkout with Shopify Flow?

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Hello everybody 🙂

I have an app to send customers automatically invitations to create an account (emails are from Shopify notifications). This should only happen after they have purchased something (so that they have easier access to their digital library in the future)


Now I have installed the live chat app Tidio and noticed, that when customers type their email adress (to send messages), they also receive an account invitation email, which shouldn‘t happen.

I contacted the app that automatically sends these invitations and they replied this:
„We can target by tag if you like, that way you can email people only after they have checked out. You can automate adding a tag at checkout (with Shopify Flow, for example) then tell me the tag to target, and auto invites will only go to that tag“

I now looked into the Shopify flow app and have absolutely no idea how to do this (never used this app or am familiar in any way with creating those workflows). Could anyone explain me in a simple way how I can set this up? 

I would highly appreciate it! Thank you in advance 🙂

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Albaria,


You could create a workflow that starts with the "Order Created" trigger. From there, you can have the next step be "Add customer tags", type a tag name that you want Tidio to use to identify the customer who has checked out, and turn on the workflow. I've included a screenshot of what the final workflow looks like.


There's a guide here on how to create workflows. Here are some links about the two steps:

- Order created

- Add customer tags


Thanks for using Flow!




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