How can I automatically update a product's metafield in Shopify Flow?

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I am trying to familiarise myself with Shopify flow, but I'm having some issues with updating a product meta field at a certain time.


I'm trying to remove the values. 20% off and 40% off as they appear as badges on our products, we are currently doing a Black Friday sale and I wanted to happen at a certain point. When I am asleep?


I might have overcomplicated my flow and I'm not sure what to update in the value section of the "update product meta field" to get my desired result. See attached images.


Also, I'm trying to find some resources to help teach myself but I'm struggling to find guides or resources, etc Any input would be great. Or resources I could use.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 135154.png

Screenshot 2023-11-27 135217.png



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You probably want that condition inside of the loop instead of before.


You cannot currently blank out a metafield value (it's not support by their API). You could set it to 0%, in which case I would just put 0 in there (or whatever format you use).


Do you have any more specific questions?

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