How can I limit a discount code to one item per cart?

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I want to set one coupon code which we are providing to some limited set of customers which is of 99% off to our star customers.

But we want that they should be able to apply to only one product no matter how many products are there in cart, it should be applicable to max amount product or min amount product and other products should be chargeable as it is. 

Is there any solution for it? or any app which in which this is possible? 

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You probably want to use a "Buy X get Y" discount code that applies to 1 item from all collections at the 99% off with a maximum use of once per order. I have tested it and it appears to work for the lowest priced item so it might not work for your scenario.

You also want to set it up for a specific group of customers because any of them could potentially share it and have random people use it.

Hope that helps!

- Rob Dukarski
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