How can I track product expiry dates using Meta Fields?

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Certain products in our assortment have expiration dates. Each time we receive a new batch of stock, the product's expiration date is manually updated in the product's Meta Fields.

I want to use the Shopify Flow to keep track of these dates and send a notification to email as soon as a product reaches 10 days before the specified date.

Can anyone show me how to set this up? Thanks. 

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Hi Rholdt,


This is not currently possible, but Flow is working on better support for metafields that could make use cases like this possible.


Stay tuned!

DaveMcV | Flow Development Manager @ Shopify
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you might be able to do something similar to this post for checking metafield dates...

first add a tag based on the metafield value
then check for the tagged products and send the email

then remove the tags once done