How do I integrate a supplier's product catalog into my online store?

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Hi Shopify, 


When I started my store I never imagined I would be creating these opportunities for myself and I need some help in growing my store. A supplier have mine have got in touch and being impressed with the level of sales I have been able to provide for them and now want to fully integrate their products on my website. Currently I sell around 60 of their products whereas this would give me scope to sell 10x the amount of products. 


I am so excited for this opportunity but they have asked some questions that I need help with. 

They need the information for the following, I have just pasted & copied their list. 

> Type of catalog (XML or CSV)
> Details of catalog : if CSV we need the separator type, if is XML we need catalog and product tag
> List of fields (with description if available)
> List of categories (if required)


All of the products on my website I have entered each one manually and I check each one manually. So it will finally be good to get some automation and take the pressure off ensuring I have manually updated each product correctly. I am thinking for the above sending them over an example CSV Format that you can download of the Shopify help section? 


They have also asked for and again copy and pasted "Could also send me your category tree? In that way you won’t need to manually add products to the specific categories. I will do it once we are integrated :)"


I assume this will be all of the categories on my website. Like if you click HOME it would have sub cat of Sofas, Sideboards, Lighting, Accessories and so on? 

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Congrats! That is great news to hear!

CSV would need to be the format you use as we do not support importing products via XML. I would recommend supplying them with the CSV template that you've found in the Help Centre. In addition, they can view our CSV help document which describes each column and how they are used. If the supplier isn't able to provide you with a CSV that aligns with our Columns, then you'll need to manually update the CSV so it can be imported to Shopify. 

In terms of the product tree, I think it would be best to ask them to clarify this for you. It's better to ask than to assume so ensure you're both on the same page about what the next steps are. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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