How to choose the best email marketing app on Shopify?

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I saw many email marketing set up flows on shopify. Its shopify's own app for the email marketing so do we set all? Do we install all which are mentioned there? Or we should chose only one which we think is best? Also of we will chose all then will not reduce the speed of the website?

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Marketing automations will not affect the speed of your website. They are optional because it depends on what experience you want to offer. I'd recommend trying one and seeing how it works for you. Make sure you take time to craft your email message.

Paul_N | Flow Product Manager @ Shopify
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Hey @Neha19, Paul is correct! Email marketing flows do not affect the site speed, since they are set up in your back-end. 


You don’t need to set up all the automations or flows that the Shopify Email app offers. When you’re setting up email automations, you should be mindful that you don’t spam users, and only set up automations that work for your business and customers.


Different types of triggers work for different brands and sets of customers, and you can see that clearly in the performance of these emails. Maybe you can check out our report to see what kind of marketing messages work for different types of products?.


You can use Shopify Email, which is one of Shopify’s apps to set up these automations. Or you can also use different apps meant specifically for setting up and measuring your email automations such as Kaviyo. You can also choose to install apps like Wishlist Plus, where automatic emails are sent out to customers based on their purchase intent, so you don’t have to do this manually and send out only relevant emails to customers.

I hope this information helps you set up email automations that convert, just like they did for Swym merchants!