How to display only the user who changed the product status in email notifications?

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I have set up a Flow Workflow to email me if a product has been set to Draft (product staus upadated)

i hoped for the email body to reference the User First Name for for the person whom did it .


However the email body does everything except list the user. Instead it lists all users in the shopify account. s it possible to only show the user whom changed the product status.


Here is the body i set up..

{{product.handle}} has just been set to draft on {{}}<br> by {% for staffMembers_item in shop.staffMembers %} {{staffMembers_item.firstName}}{% endfor %}

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It's outputting your Shop's staff because you are using the Shop object, which is used for Shop-wide things. There is no staff member on the Product, so it's not possible currently to know who edited the product. 



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