how to distinguish orders made from abroad and those not

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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any guidance! I am looking for a quick and easy way to see which orders are made from abroad and which from my country. I tried to create a custom flow by inserting custom tags through the Shopify Flow app but it didn’t work..
The Shopify assistant I spoke to told me that to correct this kind of problem you need an expert who can understand where and how the data is extracted. From what they could understand and see, tags are assigned by location, referring to the shipping address set on the order.
How can I solve this problem ?

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Hi Zastef,


You should be able to create a condition in a workflow that checks the address of the order for whether it is in your country or not. From there, you can add action steps to the workflow to do whatever you want.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.