How to get a hold of Shopify customer support???

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Hey, I need to change currency in my settings from CAD to US.

It says to get a hold of customer support to complete this, but it's next to impossible to get a hold of anyone here. 

Please send us an email.

Thanks in advance,

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, @LouisAndLea


This is Rae from Shopify. Thank you for reaching out about this, and welcome to the Shopify Community. 


The best way to contact our team directly is by visiting this link and logging in to your Shopify account. Then, type your question into the 'Ask about a topic' field and click 'Search'. Next, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Get help from the Shopify support team' button. Our contact options will appear here, and you can choose to reach out to us via email, open a live chat, send us a message on Twitter, or schedule a callback with a member of our team. If you're having any troubles with seeing these contact options, or selecting a contact method, please let me know and I can certainly help look into this. 


In the meantime though, I'd really like to discuss your currency change further and provide more assistance with this. Can you please tell me a bit more about why you're looking to make this change?


It's also important to mention that there are some implications to be aware of before moving forward with changing the currency on your site. Please check these out here: 

  1.  Reporting: When the currency is changed on a site, our reports don't factor in the difference between the two currencies, so the reports may appear to be inaccurate. To resolve this and ensure the reports are correct moving forward, I recommend setting a time range on your reports to include only dates after, or before, the currency change. That way, sales made in each currency will be filtered to ensure they don't appear on the same report. 
  2. Product Pricing: Since the dollar amount between currencies is not the same, a product's price value could mean something different if the currency is adjusted. If you do change the currency on your site, each product's price would need to be manually adjusted to reflect the correct pricing in the new currency. You can edit the price of a single product by following these steps, or edit the price of many products by using the bulk editor
  3. Apps: Some apps may have limitations when it comes to changing the selling currency. To find out if any of your apps will be impacted, I recommend reaching out to the developers of the apps you're using by following these steps
  4. Gift Cards: Gift cards with remaining balances in the old selling currency will not work once the currency of the store has been changed. To re-issue these gift cards to customers once the currency on your site has been changed, please follow these steps
  5. Shipping: Any shipping rates already configured for a store will remain in the previous currency and will not update automatically. After a currency change, I suggest deleting the previous rates and adding them back in manually to list these rates in the new currency on your site. 


I'll reach out to you via email shortly to check in with you about this currency change and discuss the above implications. If you'd still like to proceed with this change on your site, please reply directly to my email and I'll be glad to offer more assistance. 


Speak soon! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.