How to request specific metafileds in Run Code node?

How to request specific metafileds in Run Code node?

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What do I want to do:

I want to request from "run code" specific metafield by namespace and key, since it says "returns metafield by namespace and key" (see inputQuery.png). I assume this is also possible technically, since if I use "metafields" instead of "metafield" - I get all metafields surely in the output. But then the output size becomes very big and I alsways get ERROR: 50kb  OutputSizeExceeded.





What do I do:

I do a request with the query from inputQuery.png, with `metafield` field.

What do I expect:

I expect to be able somehow to request a specific metafield by namespace and key.

What is actually happening:

If I use the input query from inputQuery.png - I get no metafields, I get output from output.png. If I try to provide namespace or key as argument - I get error from error.png.








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Not seeing that metafield option in my autocomplete:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 7.55.54 PM.png


I'd probably just use metafields and then loop over them to find the namespace/key you're looking for?

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I don't recommend looping over metafields as that pulls a lot of data. This is a gap in Run code that you cannot add metafield aliases via the input query. 


Add a "log ouput" step somewhere in the workflow and then choose that "metafield" via "Add a variable". It will say "requires arguments". Once it's added to the workflow you can use it in Run code via the aliases name

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