How to send an email to the customer one hour after the order is created?

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I need to automate a flow where i can send a reminder email to a customer some time (1hr, 2hr, 30 mins, or days) after the order is created. In Flow, I cannot find any "time based" condition in order to create that workflow, can you please help me with this?

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Hi there!

As mentioned in

Adding a delay as part of a workflow isn't currently available in Flow. It's a feature we hope to add in an upcoming release of the app.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @Daniel_Oblitas_ 

As confirmed by @joshbeckman, this is currently not possible to implement within Shopify. If you are looking for a third-party solution, I recommend checking out the Arigato Automation app. With the delay functionality, sending out scheduled follow-up emails is possible after an order is raised. Here's a sample workflow from the app's library. 

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Hi @Daniel_Oblitas_,


would you mind checking our app Payster:

It's designed to send email reminders to pay for pending orders but can be easily used to send an email to customers after an order is created. The setup is straightforward and fast.


Try the app for free for 14 days to see if it helps to solve your problem.


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This is doable with our app Mechanic 🙂 you can read about the functionality in our docs: Let me know if you want any more info! 



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Hi @Daniel_Oblitas_,


You could use Kindly - Payment Reminder for this kind of matter. You can set up delays in hours and days.


So the order comes in and then... 

  1. Reminder will be sent after x days/hours
  2. Reminder will be sent after x days/hours
  3. Reminder will be sent after x days/hours
  4. Auto-Cancel the order if it is still pending. (Restocks products)


Auto-Cancel is optional and the reminders can be customized with the template editor all by yourself (no coding needed, see attachment).


Please feel free to ask me anything!

Lovely regards,


Kindly - Payment Reminder
Send reminders to recover unpaid orders and maximize your revenue.

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Hi Daniel,


In React Flow App you can add a delay before the desired action(send email) after the order was created.

Create your workflow, configure time interval and everything will work out:



Hope this helps!