How to set Marketing Email Automation Trigger to 'Order Delivered'

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Is it possible to create a marketing email automation flow triggered by 'Order Delivered'?


Hi! I'm trying to set up a post-purchase thank you email automation.


The default trigger is 'Order Fulfilled', but our delivery times vary after fulfillment. I would rather the marketing automation trigger on 'Order Delivered', but that's not an option that I can see. (NOTE: I am not talking about Shopify notifications, I am specifically referring to the marketing email automation where you set up multiple email flows, triggers, etc.)


I've searched all over Google, Bing, Bard, ChatGPT, everywhere... but I can't find an answer to this question. Can anyone help?



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It depends on what service you are using for fulfill. This trigger might work if you are using a 3P service the returns fulfillment events:

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You can not estimate a delivery time frame after a fulfilment event. If you're sending local vs overseas, dependent on location these completed deliveries could be weeks apart. Sending an email asking for customer feedback would need to have lead times of weeks, maybe months if you wanted to ensure that you weren't upsetting a customer.


There needs to be a delivery event trigger.