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I'm trying to set up automatic fulfillment for orders that come in from TikTok. I've tried to set up a flow that creates the condition based on the channel, and then I've got a Get Fulfillment Order Data action as well. The ultimate step is a "Request Fulfillment". However, I'm getting an error message saying that the order data is not available. Does anybody have an idea for generally how to set up these automatic fulfillment requests?

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A fulfillment is a shipment. So the trigger you choose happens too late. 


A typical automatic fulfillment workflows looks like:

  • Order ready to fulfill
  • Check conditions
  • Submit fulfillment request


Here's an example template:


As for TikTok, I'm not sure how those orders show might be available under `order / app / name`. One way of testing the data is to first start with "Log output" action, which will show you the data when it runs without having to call a destructive action yet.

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