Multilanguage Website - add language Tag to order with Flow

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I have my website also available in English. The default language is German.


With flow, I have tried to add the tag "English" if the order has been created on the English website. This is important for our fulfilment department. I have tried several conditions, but no success.


For the trigger I have taken "Order created" - this should be right?

For the condition I have tried "customer local = en" and some other... without success

For the action i have choosen "add order tag" - this should be right?


Has someone an idea?


Thank you for your help



Has someone an idea?


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It's not clear what part is important for fulfillment. 


For English, customer locale would be "en". But it's also might not be available right away and is only available for online store. What about that is "without success"?


You might want data that is in order / customerJourneySummary, but you should know it takes up to 48 hours for that to be available through the API.

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