Re: Notification when stock increases, is it possible?

Notification when stock increases, is it possible?

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Hi everyone! I would like to receive an alert and notification in Slack and by Email when the following conditions occur:


First Condition: The amount of stock increases by at least 1.


Second Condition: the stock quantity is between 10 and 20 pieces.

Thirt Condition: However, I would like to have the notification on inactive products, consequently tell him that he must only consider products that have not received orders in the last 15 days.

it's possible? Explain to me how I'm going crazy! thank you all.


the aim is, to notice the products that have "returned" to the warehouse for refunds or refusals of the package, so I can restart the campaigns, when the stock reaches at least 10 pieces.

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Can you elaborate on that third condition? What do you mean by "inactive products"? Who is  "him"? Do you need to check for products that haven't gotten orders for 15 days or is that just a message to someone? 


Generally, you could just use this template and change the numbers to match your use case:


you would want something like "prior inventory < 10 and inventoryQuantity >= 10".


I don't think the "1" is necessary if you are already looking for an increase. I'm not sure why you want to cap it at 20, but you could add a third check for inventoryQuantity <= 20.

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