Notify when quantity is below X, only for existing products and not new products

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Product is loaded for the first time (Product A).

Product is an existing product (Product B).


When Product B's quantity is below 12, notification must be sent.

When Product A's quantity is below 12, notification must NOT be sent.


Is there a way to achieve this flow? If so please share triggers and conditions as per the Flow App.


Thanks in advance


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I would use the same trigger as the other inventory management templates available. 


You can either compare the update/created at dates on the product (I think they will be equal if it's the first update). Inventory updates should mark a product as updated. Or possibly you could use tags in some way. Like set a tag on import and clear it using Flow, or set a tag once Flow has processed it. The latter is harder because you'll have to backfill that tag on all products.

Paul_N | Flow Product Manager @ Shopify
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