On demand creation of a Discount Code with specific settings.

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We regularly manually create a new unique single use Discount Code but with the SAME fields/settings each time. We create a unique discount code when a customer has taken a particular action.


We are just looking to reduce the time it takes to create these codes each time. Each time we have to select each characeristic of the code (always the same--10% discount, All customers, Limit of 1 total use). 


In a perfect world there would be a "Duplicate" function in Shopify for an existing code and we could then just change the name of the duplicated code.


Can we instead somehow make a Flow trigger event occur that is triggered by adding a Tag to a customer and when that trigger occurs, a new Discount Code with certain characteristis is created? eg Code = Generate new code; 20%; Usage limit 1 etc


Any ideas/apps?



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