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Order tags inherited from Client tags

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is there anyway to inherit the client tags you create in their orders ?

I have created the client tag VIP and I would like an order from a VIP Client to display a VIP tag in orders.

Thank you

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Hi @CL ,

Yes that should be possible in Flow!

I think that this workflow should do it:



Hope that helps!

Order and Customer Tagger apps for Shopify
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Thanks a lot for your reply, I'm going to have a loot at that !

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@ClaudiaFr you can use an automation to handle this + any other tagging ideas you have. Order Automator is the app my team built to solve problems like this. We do free customizations as well so if you can't find a rule in the app for your automation idea you can request it to be made.

We have some customers that use both Shopify Flow and Order Automator in combination because of the limitations of Shopify Flow. In your case it looks like you could use it to tag those orders, but if you find things to be limited an app like ours can solve your problems.

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Thanks Joesideas.

I have asked Shopify if we could use Flow even if we are not on Shopify Plus plan.