Partially Refund orders based on Partially Fulfilled Orders

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We face products selling out quickly, and we've been experiencing a few people are able to pay for products even though we have no stock left of the products.

We flag the orders as partially fulfilled and refund the user for the out of the stock items but we want to automate this, but I can't see a condition criteria that defines the fulfilment status as Partially Fulfilled - I can only see to define them as OPEN, which partially fulfilled does fall under, but so do unfulfilled.

Has anyone set up a flow similar to what we're trying to achieve that can point us in the right direction? 


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There are multiple ways to check fulfillment status. You can check it per fulfillmentOrder (each shipment) or for the whole order, which is I think what you want (order / displayFulfillmentStatus).

Paul_N | Flow Product Manager @ Shopify
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