Problem with redirect to a specific market based on the location of the IP

Problem with redirect to a specific market based on the location of the IP

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Hello everyone,


I manage an e-commerce for the company where I work that sells handmade shoes in Italy:
In the site I have 3 different markets (Italy, Europe, Rest of the world) and in each of these there are different and dedicated article prices, and the default market is Italy. In addition, the site is in 3 languages: Italy, English and Chinese.


My problem is that when a foreign client compared to Italy, for example in France, accesses the site, he should immediately be redirect to the European market. Instead, he almost always enters the Italian market and then when he enters the shipping country at the checkout, the prices of the items change to those dedicated to the European market. This problem is making me lose several sales, because rightly the customer at checkout notices that the price has increased compared to what he saw while browsing the site.


I have installed the Geolocation app ( which should solve the problem, but in reality it doesn't seem to always redirect automatically... but at the moment I have left it active.
I also tried to install the Geolocation Redirect - Open Geo app (, but that's not good because I can't manage languages ​​at the same time as the markets.


Can you tell me a method (also through code) or an app that allows me to redirect to a specific market based on the localization of the IP, remembering that my site has 3 languages?


I hope I was clear enough in explaining my problem 😅
Thank you!

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Hi, I don't think that Flow can help you with this need. It sounds like you might need help from an agency to figure this out. 

Paul_N | Flow Product Manager @ Shopify
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