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Hi @paul_n we currently have the following flow:

Order created> check if current quantity is less than 1 and tags does not include xxx (this filters digital products) then add order tag HOLD.


Ideally we would like to have a full flow that removes the tag when the item is in stock and the order can be fulfilled. I've tried but it says I need more data. Do you have any thoughts on this and whether the flow above suffices to at least show it as on hold.

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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I moved this to it's own thread because it's separate need. You cannot wait in a workflow until the product is in stock. Typically to track inventory changes you would use the inventory quantity changed trigger. However, that has no relation to an order. You could do something like:


Inventory qty changed

If previous qty <= 0 and current qty >= 1 

     Get orders that have SKU = variant.sku and are on hold

          For each order

                Remove hold


This is pretty complicated, so I can't really get you all of the way there via this community. Post back if you have questions as you try to build that

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