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Ready for Pick Up Reminder

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I'm trying to create a flow to send customers a reminder that their order is ready for collection 3 days after their order was picked.


Doesn't even need to be a reminder, it could just send me a spreadsheet with all the orders waiting for collection for more than 3 days.


I'm trying to set up the conditions. The first is "status equals to ready_for_pickup".


But then when I try to define the date range, the app doesn't let me use any kind of formulas or regular expressions to retrieve orders that are ready for pickup for more than 3 days.


Any suggestions?


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I have not tried to use the "Wait" action yet but that seems to be what you want.

You would have it wait for 3 days then check to see if it has been fulfilled and if not send the customer a reminder.

Hope that helps!

- Rob Dukarski
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