reCaptcha still showing up for me even though its disabled

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I have disabled the recaptcha for google on checkout and contact forms in the preferences for my online store. 


I went to test out a new workflow email for new subscribers when they enter their email address. I tried it with my email from my phone and it took me through a ton of the recaptcha boxes to prove i'm not a robot. 

Is there any way to avoid this? I dont have it enabled and nobody else has seemed to have a problem. Maybe its because its from my email address, the same as the store owner?



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I have the same issue for a few days now - no idea how to avoid this!! Anyone able to tackle this?

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Hey @jameschef86, this is outside the scope of what the Flow team supports since it's more related to store settings. That said, I did find this related thread that you may find helpful. The merchant in that thread was able to have success contacting support directly.

Hope this helps!

- Tomas

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