Reoccurring Emails every 3 months after order

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Hi everyone. 

I give my customers the option to be reminded every three months to change their filter but the automated marketing flow only allows total times of up to 90 days. So i can get the first reminder in but none after that. 


I tried using the Flow app, to create a tag but then cant find a way to use that tag to trigger an email on the marketing automation side. 


Has anyone found a way around this? Happy to explore third party options but i would prefer to use the Shopify functions if possible. 

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I wouldn't use the Wait step to accomplish this, as it makes changing the logic later difficult. Instead, use "Get customer data" to get a list of customers that you need to send a reminder to. It would look something like:



You will need to find a way to query the right customers. You probably could use tags. For example, set a tag when you send a reminder and then every day you query for the tags that match that day.  

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