Repurchase reminders emailed to customers

Repurchase reminders emailed to customers

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When customers purchase one of several specific products of mine which use up supplies (air filter media), I would like them to get an email 150 days after purchase of these specific products that it may be time to reorder more filter media. I had this set up with Klavio but had to get rid of it for other reasons. It seems like this may work in one of the Shopify apps: "Shopify Flow,"  "Email" or in Marketing > Automations. But I can't figure it out. Would greatly appreciate step by step instructions.

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When the customer places that order, you could add a customer tag with the month-day-year in it. Then you can run a workflow every day that looks for customers who need the reminder. It would look something like:


  • Scheduled time trigger (every day)
  • Get customer data (tag:filter_media_12_19_2023)
  • For each customer:
    • Send marketing email reminder
  • For each customer:
    • Remove customer tag
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