Send Mail Prepayment Orders a Payment Remeinder with Flow

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone already have best practices that should or could be implemented with the Shopify Flow App?

Perhaps a page or YouTube channel with tutorials?

I wanted to present the topic in our development team. However, I wanted to show something concrete that can be implemented with Flow to give the team an idea of what Flow can do.

Is it possible, for example, to tag orders that have not yet been paid after X days. E.g. prepayment.

Or can FLOW be used in conjunction with mail or mail templates to send payment reminders for the above-mentioned case after X days?

I find the topic very exciting and we would like to delve deeper into the subject 😉.

Specifically, I would be interested in how I could, for example, select my own payment method "PREPAYMENT" when filtering.

Would something like this be right?





Why does a red message appear here? Is there no "payment reminder template"?

Is it now possible to export/import the flows?

If you also have other must-have flows, it would be great if we could exchange ideas here 😉


I posted this topic in the german community:


Also i find this Topic but no answer:


We want to send the Customer after X Days for Pay in Advanced orders a Remeinder. Unbelievable that this is apparently not possible with Shopify Flow?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

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Look at the template library in Flow for examples.

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